- the device for imaging superficial veins. VeinVis allows you to find a vein for the vein puncture and to accelerate the process of blood collection or intravenous injection, and also make it less painful
Just attach the device to the surface of the skin at the site of the proposed injection, find the vein and carry the manipulation
Thanks to the special light source, through the device can detect even small and deep subcutaneous veins. Patented shape and the area of illumination will make VeinVis even more convenient
For private clients
Difficulties in blood collection from a vein in children are associated with small veins diameter, as well as the fact that children are afraid of this manipulation
The elderly patients's difficulties is that their veins are often not detected neither visually, nor by touch
Dark skin and overweight
Dark skin hides a venous pattern even in healthy people. Excess weight often means that veins are deep
People under medical treatment
Some people are forced to donate blood from a vein, in time of passing a long-term treatment. Their veins are often significantly damaged, which leads to difficulties both for the patient and the doctor
Burn patients
Burn patients are a separate category of people, when it comes to vein puncture
Everyone who experience
difficulties in blood sampling
Problems with blood drawing from vein are very common in people of all ages and regardless of health status
For clinics and laboratories
Vein punction is the most common invasive medical manipulation. If you face manipulation on veins every day, especially in patients with "difficult" veins, VeinVis will be indispensable for your doctors and nurses
Cost reduction due to the higher percentage of first stick vein placement and more economical using of consumables
Increased productivity of medical staff due to the acceleration of the process of vein punction
Patients's trust to medical personnel by reducing pain and speeding up the process
32 SMD-led's
The VeinVis light source is 32 ultra-bright led's of the specific wavelength. We did everything to maximize the contrast quality
We add microUSB connector, so you have the ability to charge the device and not depend on batteries
2400 mAh
Capacious battery, which is enough for over 200 injections (average time of injection, this value may vary)
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